Last updated Oct. 2020.

Below are a selection of sales and installations of printing presses Superior Graphic Machinery & Bindery has had the pleasure of completing over the last two decades. We would be delighted to discuss your press needs as well as any aspect of the installation process. Feel free to call us any time. We also maintain a growing list of testimonials; call or email for a list of references.

Paragraphics, Canton, OH, Three Press Installs, (1) 2001 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74-5PH+L (2) 1995 Heidelberg SM74-2P (click for video), (3) 2014 Heidelberg CD102-5+LX 

Jiffy Mix/C&S Carton Division, Marshall, MI, 2001 KBA RA 162a-7+LV CX UV, Superior Graphic Machinery installation included complete pressroom preparation (pad, electrical, plumbing, HVAC)

Eco Cups, Orlando, FL, 2004 Ryobi 755XLD

Southern Champion Tray, Chattanooga, TN, 2008 KBA RA142-5+L

J&M Printing, Gwinner, ND, 2006 Ryobi 754 LED UV

Midstates Printing, Abderdeen, SD, 2006 Akiyama JP 1040
Seemless Printing, Cincinnati, OH, 2007 Ryobi XL754
Orange County Post, New Windsor, NY, 1999 Ryobi 524HX
Walter Printing Company, Albermarle, NC, 2016 Ryobi 920ST-5 RMGT LED UV
Action Mailing, Liberty, MO, 2013 Heidelberg XL75-8P with Benford LED UV retrofit done by Superior Graphic, see videos below:
Video 1 Video 2 Video 3
Julin Printing Company, Monticello, IA, 2007 Heidelberg SM102-4P+L
Drummond Printing, Stuttgart, AR, 2004 Shinohara 75VH (click for video)
Lake Erie Graphics, Brook Park, OH, 2005 Heidelberg CD74-5+LX(F)
Regal Printing, Omaha, NE, Two Press Installs, (1) 2007 Komori Lithrone LS540+CX (2) 2013 Komori Lithrone LS429+CX
The Mail Shark, Reading, PA, Three Press Installs: (1) 2005 Ryobi XL755D+CX  (2) 2008 Ryobi XL755D  (3) 2008 Ryobi 755+CX
VCP Printng, Algonquin, IL, 2001 Mitsubishi 3F-5P+L
Rink Printing, South Bend, IN, 2006 Komori LS640+CX – LED UV
The Riddle Press, Beaverton, OR, 2007 Komori LSX529+CX
New London Communications, Alpharetta, GA, 2005 Komori LS640+CX
Pressman Printing, Fort Worth, TX, 2001 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102-4P+L
Supreme Graphics, Arcadia, WI, Two Press Installs: (1) 2007 Heidelberg SM74-5P+L & (2) 1999 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102-2P w/ CPC 1.04
Western Printing, Aberdeen, SD, Three Press Installs: (1) 2007 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102-5P2, (2) 2005 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74-6P+L and (3) 2001 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM52-6P+LX
The Goode Company, Rohnert Park, CA, 2009 Komori Lithrone LSX629+CX
Woori Printing / Bo Kwang Printing, South Korean / San Diego, 2008 KBA Rapida 105-6+L w/UV Curing
Vision Integrated Graphics Group, LLC, Chicago, IL, 2007 Komori Lithrone LS540+CX
KC Print, Chicago, IL, Two Press Installs: (1) 2005 Komori NL528+CX & (2) 2007 Heidelberg Printmaster PM52-2P, 2005 Komori Lithrone NL528+CX
Graphic Management Specialty Products, Oconto, WI, 2002 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102-8P
Action Printech, Plymouth, MI, 1998 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102-5PP
Printing Services, Portage/Kalamazoo, MI, 2003 Komori Lithrone NL628+CX
Aldinger Printing, Lansing, MI, 2003 Komori Lithrone NL528+CX
Cleveland Menu Printing, Cleveland, OH, 2001 Heidelberg Speedmaster CD74-5+LX
Quik Print of Austin, Austin, TX, 2008 Komori Lithrone LSX629+CX-Series 45
Anderson Print Group, Omaha, NE; Two Press Installs: (1) 1999 Shinohara 74VIP+CX,  (2) 2009 Shinohara 52-VP
Ram Offset Lithographers, LLC, White City, OR, 2000 Heidelberg SM102-6P+L with Tresu Anilox coater retrofit
Baesman Printing, Columbus, OH, 2008 KBA Rapida RA105-6+LX UV
Arrow Printing, Bemidji, MN, 2001 Komori Lithrone L628+CX
Quik Print of Tulsa, Oklahoma City, OK, 2007 Komori Lithrone LSX529+CX
Graf-Pak, Inc., Pointe-Claire, Quebec, 2005 KBA Rapida RA105-6+LTTL ALV – Hybrid, Double Coater
Fort Dearborn, Elk Grove Village, IL (Headquarters), 2006 Heidelberg Speedmaster XL105-6+LX2
Supreme Graphics, Arcadia, WI, 2003 Heidelberg Speedmaster CD102-5+LX
Apollo Printing & Graphics, Inc., South Bend, IN, 2000 Komori Lithrone L628+CX
Printing Services, Inc., Belmond, IA, 2006 Shinohara 75VI+CX – Hybrid UV
Mercury Press, Oklahoma City, OK, 1998 Heidelberg Speedmaster CD102-6+L
Unicore, Washington DC and Minnesota, Two Press Installs: (1) 1995 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102-2P and (2) 1997 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 102-2P
Odyssey Press, Westerville, OH, 1994 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102-6P+L
Next Day Four Color, Houston, TX, 2007 Ryobi 755-XLD
Demco Products, Boyden, IA, 2007 Heidelberg Speedmaster CD74-5+LX-F
Haines Printing Company, Erie, PA, 2005 Ryobi 755XLD
Woods Printing Company, Holland, IN, 1997 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74-6P+L
Western Litho Printing, Regina, SK, Canada, 2004 Heidelberg Speedmaster CD74-5-LY-8P-5-LX
Emballages Anjou, Inc., Quebec, Canada, Bobst die cutter
Printcraft, Burnaby, BC, 2003 Shinohara 75-VP+CX
Emballages Anjou, Montreal, Quebec, 1998 Heidelberg Speedmaster CD102-8+LX
Summit Printing, Lee’s Summit, MO, 2000 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102-6P
Tuggle Printing, Austin, TX, 1997 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74-6P+L
United Graphic Expression, Dasmarinas, Cavite 4114, Philippines, 2003 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102-10P
Central Unicor, Hopewell, VA, 1995 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102-2P
Sheridan Books, Chelsea, Michigan, 2002 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102-4P
RD Corporation, General Santos City, Philippines, 1998 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74-6P+L
Premiere Printing, Plainwell, MI, 1992 Heidelberg MOZP
Standard Register, Dallas, TX, 1989 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102ZP
Innovation Printing and Communications, Philadelphia, PA, 1998 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102-5P
Direct Marketing, Portland, OR, 1997 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102-10P
Frasier Valley Custom Printers, Chilliwack, BC: 2001 Komori Lithrone L528
Finishing & Mailing Center, LLC, Dallas, TX: 1996 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74-4P-H
B & S Printing, Doraville, GA: 1997 Mitsubishi 3F-6+LX
D G Printing, Schaumberg, IL: 1992 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM72-SI (7 color)
Harmony Visual Communications, Bourbon, Indiana; Three Press Installs: (1) 2000 Heidelberg SM102-12P, (2) 1998 Heidelberg SM74-5+L, and (3) 1998 Heidelberg SM102-5P+L
Lunar Ventures, Beaumont, TX: 1998 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74-2-H
Ussery Printing, Irving, TX: 1998 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102-4P+L
Clarke, Inc., Lynchburg, VA: 1995 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74-2P-H
Able Printing, North Webster, IN: 1985 Heidelberg GTOFP
Rees Printing, Winchester, KY: 1990 Heidelberg Speedmaster  SM72ZP
A&H Printing, Broadview, IL: (1) 1998 Heidelberg SM102-5P+L, and (2) 1986 SM102-6P+L
Mays Mission, Heber Springs, Arkansas: 1996 Heidelberg GTOV
American Printing, Akron, Ohio: 2001 Heidelberg Speedmaster CD74-5+LX
Sigler Printing, Ames, Iowa: 2001 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM52-5P+L
Briarwood Printing, Plainville, CT: 1994 Heidelberg GTOFP
Wallace Carlson Printing, Minnetonka (Minneapolis), MN: 1990 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102SP+L
Sigler Printing, Ames, Iowa: 1998 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102-8P
The Papers, Milford, Indiana: 1998 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74-5P+L
Woods Printing, Holland IN: 1998 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM52-5PH
Remnant Publications, Coldwater, MI: 1998 Shinohara 104-IIP
Printing Arts, Broadview, IL: 1993 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM72S+L
Custom Color, Champaign, IL: 1995 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM102-5P+L
Keith Merrick Co, Sibley, IA: 1997  Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74-5+L
Nova, Chicago, IL: 1992 Heidelberg MOFPH+L
Tepel Brothers, Troy, Michigan: 1998 Heidelberg Speedmaster SM74-6P+L
eDOC Communications, Mt. Prospect, IL: 1998 MAN Roland 306+LV
Foley Graphics, Yorktown Heights, NY: 1992 Heidelberg MOF-H
Deaf Missions, Council Bluffs, Iowa: 1997 Komori Sprint SII228