2007 ManRoland 506P+LTTLV (6-Up)

August 29, 2022 0

SG#098 Equipped as follows: 6-up 120 million impressions Six color units Perfector 1/5, 6/0 Two tower coaters ColorPilot D InlineObserver PressPilot RCI remote ink and register control of lateral, circumferential and diagonal register Roland-Deltamatic damping […]

2008 Heidelberg XL105-6+LYYL

August 11, 2022 0

SG#089 Equipped as follows: Technotrans Beta T UV – IR – HL (E) Delivery. IST 3 x UV Interdecks (IST) UV Interdeck Preparation All Units Double Coater – Chambered Anilox Water cooled Machine Fully Automatic […]