2007 Roland 706 3B+LV HiPrint

January 12, 2018 0

29 x 41 inch six-color format Dedicated tower coater with extended delivery Anilox coating system with chambered doctor blade HiPrint Auto format setting Quick start RCI Telepresence Press pilot center Color pilot Densitometer APL – […]

2013 KBA RA75-5+LX Hybrid IR/UV

January 12, 2018 0

This used KBA RA75-5+LX is the true 6-up format for the U.S. market, unlike the European version. It features the VariDry system with both IR and UV curing in the extended delivery for ultimate drying […]

2010 Heidelberg XL75-6+LX F-format

January 11, 2018 0

Here is another truly amazing press find by SGE. This used Heidelberg XL75 six color coater has been under Heidelberg service contract since new and is in excellent condition. Raised 500mm for either packaging or […]

2006 Heidelberg Speedmaster CD74-4+LX (F)

January 8, 2018 0

23 x 29 inch four-color format Dedicated tower coater Anilox coating system with chambered doctor blade Autoplate PresetPlus feeder & delivery CP2000 console with axis control Alcolor Vario dampening Technotrans Beta C Cabinet Alcosmart CIP3 […]

2005 Heidelberg CD74-5P2+LX F-format

January 5, 2018 0

Here is another amazing F-format CD74 SGE has been able to source. This used Heidelberg CD74-5P+LX is a quarter perfector (4/1), a highly sought-after perfecting configuration. The machine also has a Tresu Anilox coater, AxisControl […]

2008 Ryobi 755XLW-D

December 12, 2017 0

***For U.S. Market Shops!!*** Here is a very nice Ryobi 755 with coater and extended delivery. The press is verified to be the XLW format so will print a full 6-up image. Low impressions on […]

2010 Ryobi 755XLW-E Hybrid UV/IR+Coater

December 5, 2017 0

23 x 29 inch five-color format 6-up U.S. format machine Dedicated tower coater Anilox coating system with chambered doctor blade Ryobi semi-automatic plate changer Ink roller temperature control High-grade type feeder Light weight paper feeding […]

2005 Ryobi 754XLW-A

December 4, 2017 0

23 x 31 inch four-color format XLW format – 6-up image area for U.S. printers Double-diameter impression/triple diameter transfer cyilinders PCS-G console for ink and register PDS-E for closed-loop scanning Ryobimatic continuous film dampeners S-APC […]

2001 Heidelberg CD74-5+LX-F

November 21, 2017 0

Here is one that’s exceptionally hard to find right now. This used Heidelberg CD74-5+LX is an ‘F format’ press – 6-up with a full 23 x 29″ image area. All the important automation/labor saving features […]

2004 Shinohara 75VP+CX

November 13, 2017 0

Here is an amazing machine for a printer looking to step in to the 6-up market. This used Shinohara 75 five color with coater is a 2/3 perfector for the flexibility of printing straight or […]

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