2014 KBA RA145-6+L ALV3

WITH ONLY 15 MILLION IMPRESSIONS!  MKM Importers/Superior Graphic are pleased to offer the following 6-color KBA.  Equipped with Anilox coating system, Nonstop system, Cleantronic and more!  Call or Email for more Information!!!


Equipped with the following:

  • Max sheet length: 1450
  • Max sheet width: 1060
  • CX (board) Package
  • Active air-cooling for control cabinets
  • Coating unit with chambered doctor blade system
  • Extended Delivery (ALV3)
  • Press raise 630mm
  • Nonstop system, manual feeder
  • Antistatic equipment feeder, high performance version with side blowers
  • Pile entry from the front of feeder (central)
  • Frame for concealing pile board in foundation feeder
  • Dust removal in the infeed
  • Printing plate thickness 0.4mm
  • Technotrans Inking unit temperature control (without ink duct roller) incl. high-tech Combi-cooling unit, air-cooled
  • Hickey Picker
  • Roller covering for alcohol-reduced printing
  • CleanTronic – multi-purpose washing system for blankets and impression cylinders for conventional or UV inks
  • Pile exit operating side
  • Nonstop roller, descending delivery
  • KBA Powder removal
  • Frame for concealing pile board in foundation delivery
  • Technotrans IPA reduction <5% incl. microfiller Beta.F
  • KBA VariDry BLUE IR/HotAir in delivery and extended delivery (ALV3)
  • WallScreen
  • Densitronic Professional measuring desk for densitometric and spectral measurements
  • Spectral measurement and control within the image
  • Pneumatic plate bending device, mounting on gallery
  • KBA pneumatic plate punch
  • C. 15 million impressions