Action Mailing – 2013 Heidelberg XL75-8P (Brand new Benford LED UV)

Superior Graphic sold a 2013 Heidelberg XL75-8P to Action Mailing, in Kansas City in late Summer of 2019. Superior Graphic also installed a brand new Benford LED UV system on the machine for Action Mailing. The press is a fantastic machine, and you can see it printing in the video below. Interestingly, this machine had a problem with a main circuit board during installation. But Superior Graphic diagnosed the problem in 2 days and had a Heidelberg technician on site, 3 days after that.  The entire machine was fixed in approximately 8 days.. Action Mailing only lost 8 days off the time-frame of the installation. It is extremely rare that Superior Graphic installations has problems such as these, but it is important to note that when problems do arise, this is how Superior Graphic takes care of them! After the press had been properly running for five weeks, after the installation and the Benford LED UV installation, Jeff, the President of Superior Graphic, contacted Ryan at Action Mailing to make sure everything was functioning properly before the guaranteed time ran out, and to make sure that Superior Graphic did not have to return to do any work on the XL75-8P.  Ryan of Action Mailing reported to Jeff that “the press is running great, thank you so much.” No problems existed after the main circuit board replacement, and Action Mailing was completely taken care of by Superior Graphic! Nobody takes care of their customers better than Superior Graphic!