2015 Ryobi 755G+CX XL Wide

Available now from Superior Graphic comes the following near new 5-color coater Ryobi.  With only 37 million impressions, this machine is equipped with a dedicated tower coater, PDC-S scanner, High Grade type feeder and much more!  Call or email today for more information!

  • 23 x 31 inch five-color format
  • Dedicated tower coater with extended delivery
  • PDC-S Spectrojet
  • Semi-RPC: Ryobi semi-automatic plate changer
  • High Grade type feeder
  • Sheet decurler
  • Automatic blanket wash
  • Ryobi PCS-G
  • Ryobi program inking
  • Ryobi-matic continuous dampening system
  • Pull side guide preset system
  • Plate register remote control Static eliminator
  • Suction tape feeder board
  • Double sheet detector
  • Powder spray
  • Nonstop delivery
  • Hickey picker