2006 Ryobi 754XLW-D


This is a fantastic opportunity for a U.S. printer to own a VERY clean 6-up Ryobi 754 with Anilox coater coater and extended delivery. This is an ACTUAL Ryobi showroom press. It has been completely cleaned and reassembled for demo just as you see below. Excellent condition and will be print tested and inspected by SGE the week of 11/6. Call or email for more information on this amazing press!!

  • Ryobi showroom machine – cleaned and ready for demo per the photos below
  • Only 65mm original impressions
  • 23 x 29 inch four-color format
  • 6-up image area for U.S. printers
  • Dedicated tower coater with extended delivery
  • MMT Anilox coating system
  • PCS-G console for ink and register
  • PDS-E for closed-loop scanning
  • CIP3 compatible for ink key profiles
  • Ryobimatic dampening – with Delta-effect
  • S-APC – Semi-automatic plate changing
  • AAC water control
  • Automatic roller wash
  • Automatic blanket wash
  • Paper presets
  • Technotrans alpha.C solution R&R
  • Grafix powder spray