2007 Presstek 52DI

Here is a bargain price on a very nice Presstek DI52 (landscape press) we have for sale. Press is in excellent condition and prints very well. We are working with a motivated seller and the machine will go quickly at the asking price. Call or email us for more details on this fantastic opportunity.

  • 14 x 20 inch four-color format
  • DI (Waterless) printing technology
  • Landscape stream-feeder
  • 10 minute make-readies
  • 300 line screen capable
  • Up to 20 point stock
  • 10,000 SPH
  • PDS-E┬áscanning for closed-loop
  • IR Dryer
  • Viewing Booth
  • Powder Spray
  • RIP
  • Full Automation
  • Easy to Operate
  • Break Point with Digital (color copiers) Between 750 and 1000 sheets
  • Consistent Color
  • Perfect Registration (color to color and sheet to sheet)
  • Prints Like a $2M 40″ Press (outstanding print quality)