2005 Mitsubishi Diamond D3000 LX-4+C+ED-UV

Four color 40" with coater, full automation and UV curing. Up to 1mm stock thickness.

Here is a perfect opportunity to step into an 8-up four color coater with UV interdeck and end of press drying. Hybrid machine also features IR dryer with hot air knives. Call for more information.

  • 2005 Mitsubishi Diamond D3000 LX-4+C+ED w/UV Curing
  • LX Version – Up to 1mm stock thickness
  • 28 x 40 inch four-color format
  • SAPC
  • Preset
  • IPC II Intelligent Press Control
  • Mitsubishi Multi-Mode Dampening
  • Ink Temperature Control
  • Technotrans Alpha. c
  • Steel Plate In Feeder
  • Non-Stop Feeder
  • Auto Ink Roller Wash
  • Auto Blanket Wash
  • Auto Impression Cylinder Wash
  • Dedicated Coating Unit
  • Extended Delivery
  • UV Dryer 2 x Interdeck Positions
  • UV Drying Cassette Positions After Units 1 And 4
  • UV Drying – End Of Press (IST)
  • IR Dryer With Hot Air
  • Grafix Megatronic-S Ionised Spray
  • Steel Plate In Delivery
  • Non-Stop Delivery
  • Approximately¬†113mm impressions