2008 KBA Rapida 105-6SW+LX-P40

18,000 SPH machine. All the bells and whistles.

29 x 41 inch six-color format

Dedicated tower coater with extended delivery

Tresu Anilox coating system with chambered doctor blade

2/4 or 6/0 convertible perfector

Varidamp continuous dampening

Colortronic  console

QualiTronic ColorControl

ACR Control – Video register system

FAPC – Fully Automatic Plate Changing

Rapida 106 feeder  and delivery РNew style

Non-stop feeder and delivery

Automatic roller, blanket and impression wash

Ink temperature control

Weko Anti-static

KBA VaryDry IR dryer with hot air knives

Solution R&R

Weko AP262 powder spray

18,000 SPH in straight printing, 15,000 SPH in perfecting

Approximately 125mm impressions